Re-Discovering Jesus

Re-Discovering Jesus

Elisha and Vimbai Nyandoro - the Netherlands/Zimbabwe 

We are a family from Zimbabwe working with Youth With A Mission Amsterdam. We are involved with evangelism right in the central district of the city. What persuades and motivates us, is the ignorance that so many people express when it comes to the story of JESUS. Many have no idea at all about this story and even more so what it means for them. Others have been hurt by the church and have shut their hearts to the story.

Re-Discovering Jesus is a platform on which we desire to bring back the true essence of the gospel message and reintroduce the man JESUS who is behind this amazing bible narrative. He came, lived amongst us, died and rose again to fullness of life so everyone who believes in him might also have abundance of life. 

So in the midst of all the increasing darkness and confusion out there in the world, we have a higher obligation  and greater mission to point people to the light … And JESUS is that light. 
Because JESUS loves people, we his ambassadors and representatives can but only love what he loves … People 😀💕.

As we love on them we can but only be thrilled to introduce them to the one who is able to restore to them their full human dignity and identity.