Re-Discovering Jesus

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To see through intentional engagement the establishment of the Kingdom of God inter-culture. Affecting ONE affecting ALL...


To cultivate and nurture a mindset and consciousness of Kingdom life, culture and values. Helping people re-discover their core purpose and identity in Jesus.

pillars of engagement

To Develop -  through creating engaging platforms for people to develop and grow. Personal development covers activities that improve awareness of identity, develop talents and potential, build capacity and competence, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. 

To Empower – through creating engaging platforms that help equip people by providing enabling environments to discover what God has placed in them (potential). We understand that empowerment is not something we can do to or for people, but that, it is something we can do only with them. People become empowered when they move up to a higher level of self-understanding.

To sustain – through creating engaging platforms that affirms and strengthens people’s ability and capacity to sustain themselves, especially in their relationship with themselves, families, others and the environment. (Intra personal and interpersonal relational skills)

To transform –  through creating engaging platforms that provides healthy rhythms and processes for profound radical change. The type of change that orients people into pursuing newness of life.  Change that take people to entirely different levels of consciousness. Unlike 'turnaround' (which implies incremental progress on the same plane)  transformation brings about changes in character, personality and attitude with little or no resemblance to past lifestyles.

To innovate – through creating  engaging platforms that encourages and values thinking and ideation. Allowing for the creation of new methodologies, practices and solutions. Encouraging and strengthening that we’re doing well and working for us but also continually exploring new initiatives. A platform that affirms meaning, relevance and significance

To network – through interconnectedness, togetherness – Creating an interconnecting platform where we encourage intercultural connections. Talent connections, skills connections etc…Getting to know and appreciate who we are as a people within the broader international cultural dimension.. Specific emphasis on encouraging the cultivation of productive and supporting relationships that reflect godliness, empowering our humanity and a life of  (UBUNTU).

To yield – through producing good outcomes - fruitfulness – accomplishments, achievements… Creating a platform where we call out the potential in every person.... Where capacity and productivity is encouraged and enough room provided for people to blossom and produce. 


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